Who is Mr Saffron

Worldwide, about 1,100 tonnes of saffron threads are traded each year and Australia accounts for 0.3% of this (3.5 tonnes). However, as saffron is extremely labor intensive, Australia only produces 10 kilograms per year and imports the rest from various different countries. 

Hence why Australian saffron is very expensive (about $150 for 1 gram) when compared to imported saffron. 

Mr Saffron is owned and operated by a young South Australian entrepreneur local who was born in Ahvaz, Iran. 

A vision was envisioned to start Mr Saffron and the aim was to provide the finest Persian saffron at affordable and unbeatable prices. All products are imported from Iran and are stored in Australia. From here, it is shipped to anywhere in the world!

Why saffron? We believe in affordable health decisions and we also believe that healthy decision should not break the budget. Saffron not only has an exquisite aroma and taste, it also has many health benefits. At the prices we provide, you can comfortable throw in a pinch of saffron for any reason, without the need to think about the price tag.