10 Reasons To Buy From Us

With every healthy market, there comes healthy competition. Mr Saffron values this competition.

We also understand that it may be difficult for costumers to pick a retailer. Here are some reasons as to be we think you'll love us!

  1. All prices are final and there are no hidden costs associated. We will never charge you more than what's displayed on the product page. - We do not support luring customers.
  2. We have designed our platform in a way that it easy for you to navigate through the website and find a product that suits you.
  3. We provide free express shipping on orders above $65 and free standard shipping on all other orders - refer to our shipping policy for more information.
  4. We only sell one grade of saffron and that is the highest grade (sargol/stigma). 
  5. We directly import the products that we sell.
  6. All products advertised are governed by many internationally recognised health system certificates and many have won taste awards at events (i.e. International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels)
  7. We are family owned and operated in South Australia
  8. We take customer service to the next level. Most of our customers are kind enough to frequently return to us because of it!
  9. We only hand select and stock the best
  10. We are generous with our discounts.

 (Last edited on 20 July 2019)