Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)
Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)
Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)
Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)


Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)

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The finest, most luxurious and aromatic of them all.

Whether it's a house-warming event, a birthday, wedding, or just a casual visit, you can never go wrong with this 50 gram luxurious leather gift package. 

Brand: Saharkhiz

Saffron Weight: 50 grams

Packaging: refer to picture

Saffron grade: Sargol (stigma)

Brand information and history:

Saharkhiz Saffron is a family complex which has presented its products with the best quality since 1932, respecting its customers’ satisfaction. 
Moisture, dust, other natural impurities, as well as artificial additives are against the quality of our products, and considering the market conditions, it is no longer possible to buy the product from the farmer and sell it to the customer with no process.
To preserve the customers’ reliability which is the most valuable thing we have attained during 75 years of being active in procuring and presenting saffron, we are bound to have a precision control on saffron as a complicated process from farm to market. Saharkhiz Saffron Complex is an exemplary unit which always has put the product quality at the first line of its agenda. 
Saharkhiz Saffron Complex takes measures on establishing a well-equipped laboratory or the implementation of its quality objectives and we have been successful to obtain the" Iranian National Standard" being number 259-1 from the " Iranian standard and Industrial Research Institute" and the international "certificates ISO 9001-2008, ISO 22000:2005".
As a producing unit always considering the fundamental principle of quality as top priority in its activities, Saharkhiz Saffron Co. produces and packages products which meet the requirements
of the national standard of Iran, (259-1), as well as international standards. The products are produced and packaged in accordance with the relevant codes and regulations by our dedicated experienced personnel and experts under hygienic conditions using the latest technology and equipment. In line with this strategy, to attain the lofty aims of the Company, the senior management of Saharkhiz Saffron Co. pays special attention to the following points: - Strategies of wining customers’ satisfaction more and more through supplying products and services they need, promoting the level of specialised training provided to all personnel, supplying hygienic and healthy products up to national and international standards, and preventing any deviation from standard requirements along with strict adherence to providing all necessary sources such as proper infrastructure, qualified human resources and suitable worksite, and not stopping quality improvement as the basis of the company’s quality management system and assessment of the efficiency through implementation of quality policy, setting quality aims, conducting audits, data analysis, taking corrective and preventive measures and performing managerial review.
The senior management of the company is responsible for implementation of quality management and food safety and hygienic systems. In performing the assigned tasks, esteemed colleagues and staff are expected to pay attention to the requirements of ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 and HACCP. Saharkhiz Saffron, as a producing unit always places an emphasis on quality in its activities, in response to the customers’ ever-increasing confidence and demand and in line with implementation of the company’s quality aims and has established an equipped laboratory, and has managed to obtain national standard No.259-1 from institute of standard and industrial research of Iran, as well as international certifications of "HACCP" and "ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005"

Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)
Luxury Leather Gift Premium Red Persian Saffron Package (50 grams)